Turquoise Noise – Closer

Packed full of psych vibes and auto-tune-esque voice effects, this new single from Liverpool alt-rock outfit Turquoise Noise.

Closer is a track which packs a punch whilst simultaneously maintaining a mellowness throughout. The soft twinkle of synth sounds hum around the echoing vocals to give off a real floatiness to their music, but the added energy of the drums and guitar take it to a place where it implores you to dance along as it continues to sway.

As has almost become synonyms with new Liverpool bands, there is a real groove to their sound, one that whilst subtle, sticks in your mind and you find it dragging you back for another listen to time and again.  

Having previous performed under other names, there is definitely a feeling that they have now perfected their sound. They have played around with all the intricate parts that make up their complex sound, and now under their new name they are ready to release it to the world, and this track is undeniably an impressive start.

It has the tightness and quality of an established band, topped up with the experimentalism and excitement of one who are just finding their way, and whatever is to come next will almost surely be just as impressive, if not better. A wonderful record.