UK Premiere ​: ARCADES – Shangri La

Today, Leicester’s rising stars release their fourth single ‘Shangri La’ which will be available on all platforms. Two weeks ago, Arcades released their third single‘Sha La La’ where we heard a much more classic, raw, rock and roll sound. This sound continues in ‘Shangri La’ and the band themselves continue to impress the public by exceeding expectations with four ‘in your face’ singles all of which are available to stream everywhere.  

Shangri La’ was written in a flat overlooking the Eiffel Tower whilst the band were in Paris playing their first ever show abroad in 2018. Having been touring the UK for the four years prior, playing in a different country felt like a dream come true and Paris felt like the band’s Shangri La. It’s a special song to the four boys from Leicester as it was the last song that was written with their previous guitarist Matt Gore who tragically passed away just after the tour ended.

The song is being released the day before ARCADES return to Leicester for their biggest hometown show to date at the O2 Academy on 7 September. Lead singer Tommy Cobley reflects on that special time in their lives, “It’s a love song… sitting there fixated on the Eiffel Tower opened up a new world of ideas and I felt I could enter a places that I hadn’t before as a songwriter.” Therefore, the title ‘Shangri La’ seems a fitting one for a song that explains a time of pure excitement and ecstasy for these four rockers from Leicester.

Once you hear this feel-good single you won’t want to miss out on their biggest Leicester show to date – tickets are only five pounds and are available online via Gigantic.