UnderwaterSun – Girl I Never Knew

Birmingham based singer-songwriter and producer UnderwaterSun storms fresh onto the scene with debut single ‘Girl I Never Knew. Mixing bedroom pop with indie, the track reminisces the early noughties indie scene perfectly while refreshingly up to the times, this debut single resembles other indie bands yet still comes across as original.

You’ve got the usual memorable melodies that feel slightly formulaic, but it’s UnderwaterSun’s distinctive vocal that takes centre stage. Forever youthful and feeling like its head is in the clouds, this dream-pop infused number is an enchanting track from the first note.

Detailing a personal experience of a shy teenage holiday romance, you know the one’s that end before they’ve even begun? Those type. Showcasing how growing up isn’t all fun and games and talking about the regrets and insecurities we all feel when we’re young, the track is a reflective offering that speaks about how its all part of the process of being human.

Truly emotive in parts as we all long for the simplicity of being young again, ‘Girl I Never Knew’ speaks about the what-ifs and how somewhat regrets. Able to still leave listeners with a optimistic mindset, this radiant release could easily become a chart hit.

Continuing to write and develop his sound, UnderwaterSun is set to release a string of singles this upcoming year.