Us – Paisley Underground

It’s not every day you find yourself listening to an outfit that describes themselves as Rnb Punk, but here we are. Us are an outfit that completely think outside the box.

A collective that doesn’t want the hassle and ties of being limited to one specific sound, ‘Paisley Underground‘ is the latest anthem from the Finnish band that will leave you craving for more. It Sounding like Liam Gallagher got into a fistfight with Iggy Pop but then they ended up being the best of friends and creating music together, Us distinguishes themselves as five rockers not giving a real damn about being labeled.

Entering with a fierce indie arrangement with no RnB elements in sight, ‘Paisley Underground’ feels situated more in an avenue of indie punk and garage rock. Bathed in an untidy, garage rock attire, this track from Us are energetic and intricate.

Still paying ode to a simple style, the grit-filled guitars scorch with elevation, giving the track a real ‘live’ feel. When creating a garage rock-infused number, you don’t want it to be over polished. Look at the White Stripes, for instance, they never had a production that was fully clear, and that’s what made them stand out.

Us doesn’t follow a rulebook. They don’t look to other artists to compare. They just do their own thing, and that’s what makes them stand out. As for the vocals throughout ‘Paisley Underground’ – they’re lazy yet part of the trademark sound for the band, making this release another stand-out moment in the quintet’s discography.

I, for one, will stick Us onto my ‘to see live’ list once the Pandemic’s over. Also, what a band name! Fluent and unapologetic.