Usual Affairs- She Knows

This beast is taking absolutely no prisoners, it’s straight into a big ball of musical energy with a fiery guitar riff and a rhythmical bassline that bring an uncontrollable grin to your face -within 5 seconds of pressing play.

Something I love about new bands is the rough, raw sound they exude. For me, there is something quite special about that unpolished ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ magic, and when it’s done well, it is just that – magic.  I have to say, this is done well and is quite the exciting debut from Edinburgh four piece ‘Usual Affairs’.

In many ways, it’s quite a typical song that you’d expect to hear from a young male indie band. It’s about being out on the pull, chasing stuck up girls but being typical isn’t necessarily a criticism here, sometimes you want a song that just sounds good and fun, that makes you want to dance and reminds you having a good time and this does all of those things.

I actually really enjoyed the storytelling of this song and I think it flows really well. In its brief 2.4 minutes, this one really packs a punch. I’d actually have liked to hear another verse of it if I’m honest, it’s all over just that little bit too quickly but it’s certainly got into my head and pretty sure that it’s there to stay for a while.