Vassilis – Better Days Are Here

Singer-songwriter Vassilis originally hailing from Athens in Greece, now resides in Manchester, UK. An artist now embarking on creating music with a folk-pop aura, ‘Better Days Are Here resides within an indie-folk to dream pop production. An artist that self records, self mixes and DIY in his home studio, it’s exceptional to hear how the latest release has ended up. While the story of the new single is influenced by the negative climate surround the pandemic, the overall presence seems hopeful and optimistic for better days to come.

Using music to indicate a silver lining and positive approach to the future, Vassilis escapes the pain from modern life and turns the desirable single into something relatable. Something the whole world can relate to in some way, the target audience for this track is huge. Musically, the track is bathed in melodies sent from heaven, and a distinctive vocal from Vassilis.

Being realistic on the whole Pandemic situation, the track focuses on how this awful situation we’re all going through has made us learn to appreciate the little things more.

About focusing on the things that actually matter to us like being healthy, being loved and loving in return in a platonic or intimate relationship, ‘Better Days Are Here’ is warming and a guiding light within the world’s dark.