Velcro Teddy Bears – Petrol On The Door

This band are one to not be ripped off (pardon the pun). Velcro Teddy Bears just confirm that Rock n Roll is far from over. Drawing their influences from the 1970’s rock movement, they bring their own fresh sound to our ear drums. The 5-piece band are from Sheffield, covered head to toe with enthusiasm and not forgetting paisley attire. With a couple of EP’s under their sleeves, the recent single “Petrol On The Door” is the first single to be released through streaming services.

Along with their studio-quality collection of tracks, they’re also known for being an electrifying live band too. I must get myself along to a Velcro Teddy Bears gig!

As for the single, it involves a contagious melody that will make you end up head banging along to the tune. Gravelly vocals filled with grit compliment the track, leaving us with nostalgia airwaves. A groove-based bass line sticks throughout the song and runs like water through a stream. Identifiable guitar hooks also bless the track, and they won’t be leaving your mind anytime soon. Must add as well, the song is a perfect length.

Not too long, but not too short. All parts shine in their entirety. Overall, a well-crafted track from the quintet who will keep inspiring others that rock is simply nowhere near it’s end.