Velocity Falls – Finest Hours

The melodic and easy-going pop rock sounds of the 90’s are revitalised in Velocity Falls’ debut single, ‘Finest Hours’.

The Norfolk song-writer, Peter Thompson whose band name sounds like an “American town from a 1980’s Michael J. Fox movie” wrote Finest Hours back in the Summer of 2020 and captured a love for 90s rock music.

A powerful voice that reminds me of acts like Manic Street Preachers is the main focus point and blends nicely with chord-heavy guitars that provide a melodic and simple structure to the verse and chorus.

Finest Hours feels like it has been plucked from the 90’s Britpop scene and its descent from solo into bridge produce a dramatic moment that quickly fades away into the warm vibes of the chorus. It’s as catchy as you can get for a rock song.

The song fades out with the return of guitar noodling and gives me a optimism that there’s plenty of guitar-craftsmanship to be explored by Thompson. If you like your Britpop to have class and sing-a-long structure that doesn’t rely on gimmicks or impersonations, then Velocity Falls might just do it for you.