Ventures : Solitude

With a track titled ‘Solitude’, it’s hard not to imagine this dangerously playing into the hands of the lazy stereotype of a teenage metalhead angry at the world, headbanging in their bedroom alone. Instead, five-piece Manchester Metal band Ventures deliver a track that will surely be a standout live stir up the circle pits in a homecoming venue like Satans Hollow.

Opening up with a melodic guitar riff, this is a clear contrast with what follows for the remainder of the track, which is scream-heavy in the verses and cleaner in the chorus. The structure of the song doesn’t do much to evolve from the formulaic nature of the metalcore genre, think mid-2000s Asking Alexandria or As I Lay Dying, but this is a band that clearly knows their audience, and cares enough about their craft to wear their influences on their sleeve.

There are some notable production values to highlight here. Upon first listen, the double bass drumming and crushing lead guitar really drives the song forward, but instead, it’s the underlying bass riff that really stands out with frontman Ollie’s vocals, which range from sharp screams to a massive chorus that will be a staple in their live sets. 

Whilst the track doesn’t quite blow the sharks out of the water that Parkway Drive screamed about in their seminal track ‘Boneyards’, it’s solid enough to justify the lyrics “Stay With Me” consistently throughout.