Explosive. If I had to sum up this new track from Leeds-based band VENUS GRRRLS in one word it would have to be explosive. The new track is called ‘Goth Girl’ and is set to be released on 22nd January 2021, and follows their debut EP ‘Wicked Things’ released back in April.

Drones of fuzz pull you through the verse. Enticing you in it leaves you dying for a release of energy, and trust me you will not be disappointed because the chorus does not hold back. It brings to mind the music of Wolf Alice and Garbage.

You can easily imagine that this song would get people jumping. This doesn’t do it justice though, because it would get more than that. The full-force chorus would have people screaming along and headbanging.

In an effort to challenge the stigmas that surround goth culture, the song brings heaps of intensity and attack. Grace ‘GK’ Kelly, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the group, stated that the song came from the band thinking about ‘how fickle society is’ and how everyone is ‘always ready to point the finger’.

Unifying an aim to tackle preconceptions and stereotypes about women in music with`a relentless rock track that just doesn’t stop, the all-female quintet really show off what they have to offer. 

This isn’t just any old easy-listen rock song that you can have on in the background. ‘Goth Girl’ celebrates difference, telling you that you can be whoever you want and you should be proud of that. I think if you were to take anything from this song that’s what it would be, and I’m sure the band would agree.

A combination of tension, energy, and power are all showcased in this tune. If VENUS GRRRLS were playing nearby, I’d be straight there to check out what they’ve got. Whilst you might not come out feeling the same as me, listening to ‘Goth Girl’ is 2 minutes and 34 seconds of your life worth spending.