Veronika Utri – Cigarette

There’s an interesting metaphor to be taken from Veronika Utri’s Cigarette, with both nicotine and love for someone being dangerously addictive sometimes. 

This is the key crux of Cigarette’s lyrics. A forlorn love song about a break up, bringing out a lot of emotion and power in a very adult way. It’s something that’s relatable, that feeling of missing someone, and the longing to feel that kind of happiness again. Veronika Utri’s style of writing bring’s a much more human angle that most love songs lack, where some will describe these huge explosive emotional outbursts, Cigarette instead focuses on something simple. “I’ve still got you, in a cigarette”, being the key line that knits it all together nicely. 

Another point that could be made to reinforce the maturity and humanity of the song, is the fact that smoking is seen as much more of a taboo in modern society. The allegories that can be made around unhealthy addictions make for a much deeper look into the lyrics. The unhealthy habit of smoking being telling of a possible unhealthy relationship. But it could also be read as something of a guilty pleasure, wherein kicking the habit is very similar to getting past that intense love for someone. 

The music itself is a simplistic and melancholic piano track with echoed vocals added in post making for a whispery, ethereal feeling. The simple and gentle ballad style setting the mood for something that’s very contemporary and easy listening. The simplicity making it much easier to read into the delicate, breathy singing of Utri. 

As far as gentle ballads go, Utri’s puts in a calm and reserved performance that suits her singing style greatly. Whilst saddening, it does have a nice silver lining with some of the more overt lyrics. It makes for a great song that fits well into any easy listening mix.