Victoria Sponge – Sky Blue

Glaswegian Victoria Sponge absorbs alternative rock like no other band on the circuit. On the rise to the top, or in other words, to the big blue, the quintet unveiled two new singles on March 13th. Sky Blue identifies as a dream world that you never want to awake from, whereas the B Side ‘Phone Tapping’ illuminates itself as an upbeat barnstormer.

Sky Blue‘ feels somewhat heavenly and could be described as a mix between indie rock and dream pop. There are elements of shoegaze in the mix, but the prominent vocals indicate a strong indie feel to its core. As for the harmonies, they soar through the sky like an aeroplane without any turbulence.

One thing to improve on would be the length of the track, it’s quite long and might not gain much radio play as a result. It feels that the track includes a few sections that could have been arranged in a different way to get the point of the song across. Nevertheless, the overall ambience of the A side is mature, chilled and if anything showcases Victoria Sponge’s excellent songwriting.

‘Phone Tapping’ illustrates the way the world is at the moment, with us all constantly being on our phones. Well, what else is there to do now the world is in a pandemic? Phone Tapping is one of those tracks that completely comes out of nowhere and sits on a throne.

Featuring one of the most warming chord progressions I’ve heard all week, the B side should be in its own division. It would also make a great album opener, hint hint guys. The production feels slightly old school and transports back to the 90s creating a nostalgic presence, it would be nice to hear the track polished that little bit further to modernise it slightly.

Regardless of the little tweaks here and there, Victoria Sponge has released two new tracks that NEED to be heard.

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