Video Feature – We catch up with Scott Magnus

Welcome to our artist feature with Scott Magnus as we learn more about him and his career and also his brand new video for Don’t take away my purpose.

Scott Magnus is a pop artist from Oldham, Manchester (UK). He creates strong, beautiful, and melodious indie, pop/rock songs, envigorated with upbeat trap and hyper pop production, resulting in something which is powerful, introspective and heartfelt. Scott is an outspoken supporter of people with disabilities, particularly those with learning difficulties, because he himself has ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia. Scott turns the experiences he encounters as someone with disabilities into music that can heal, embolden and inspire anyone facing difficult obstacles. It is his mission to help people overcome their challenges as he does.

Scott was told to give up his dreams of being a successful artist and be someone that he is not; his latest single ‘Don’t Take Away My Purpose’ is a defiant response to this. Scott’s music career is precious to him, the songwriter shares; ‘I have learning difficulties and having struggled to find job that suits me but having thrived with music I have realised that I have to pursue it because it’s best chance that I have at succeeding in life as well as something that I really love’. It is with this determination that Scott rebuts his naysayer.

He composed the song on logic, made a demo and then recorded it at Tngey’s Studio in Blackpool where the production was taken to the next level.

The song was influenced by Charli XCX and Paramore.

The melody and chords for the whole song was written pretty much in one short sitting. However I didn’t know how to end it, it was until a year later that I came up with the rock breakdown with the heavy power chord  riff and powerhouse vocals.

Info about the music video

The concept for the music video was to find a  clear and entertaining allegory for how I had been deterred from following my dreams and had someone try to make me be someone else. I used to be an actor I went to drama school and had experience auditioning and this was a culture in which being made to be someone you’re not, not just when acting but in life was commonplace. Although the song isn’t about that time I wanted  to bring in the vibe of a highly judgemental world where being yourself isn’t allowed, but you must fit their ideal. The experience of waiting to audition was something that I wanted to include, the feeling of being out of place. I had loved the way Lil Was X had played all the parts in his music videos and I thought this would be an opportunity to showcase my ability to act as different comedy characters which is something that I do on my social media with comedy sketches.

The concept evolved to be more of a talent contest such as Britains Got Talent it was a chance to showcase how ruthless and harsh some of these judges can be as well as the tendancy of some to mancufacture a pop star without it happening organically. 

The music video was directed by Joel Gardner who goes by the name A Film By Joel. I also had the help of 3 of my freinds who played my body double and Dylan who is in my live band played the drums. We also had a lighting technician Michael Hill working the theatre lights which really helped in creating an atmosphere. We filmed the music video at Oldham Library’s Performance Space. I produced the film.

Catch him live at 33 Oldham Street on Friday 22nd April HERE