Video Premiere – Aza Brown – Indian Summer Bliss

Welcome to a new RGM video Premiere, today we have the new video from Aza Brown, the new tune Indian summer Bliss. Here is a few words from the artist ????

“Remember those days when everything was just right? The sun beating down, the company, the music and the wine flowing? 
Everyone’s got one, yeah?  And when it’s an unexpected late Summer that seems to go on longer than it should, it can only be a bonus. 

This is the story of one of those days. A day in the park with a beautiful girl – laughing, joking, enjoying one another’s company, whilst the sun beats down. 
 “I brought the tunes, you brought the wine, and before too long we lost track of time…”

“Movin’ on Up”-era Primal Scream from another mother, with a healthy dose of The Stones and The Charlatans thrown in for good measure – this song captures youthful exuberance on a beautiful Summer’s day – those timeless days in the sun with a girl, tunes and wine….

Filmed in front of a green screen in my front room in Chesterfield with 3 separate takes, I was channeling my inner Bobby Gillespie and even watched the video of “Movin’ on Up” by Primal Scream for inspiration right before I set the camera rolling!!”

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