Video Premiere : Bedside Manners – What it Seems

These lads look like they are onto something here, Bedside Manners join us for a RGM Premiere of What It Seems, here are a few words from the lads about the video.

“The video is meant to feel quite real and down to earth at times as we perform the song as a 5 taken almost in one take from start to finish. Other times it feels quite surreal, with the light leaks, 4th wall breaks, abstract poses and positions and the obvious one being the slow-motion shots. Ben is singing in time with the track while the world behind him moves quite slowly and the other members of the band are slowed also. The song references dreaming in the chorus and is the focus of the song, so these abstract / surreal elements of the video coincide with the lyrics of the song. The more realistic elements of the video more reflect our energy as a band”.

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