Video Premiere: Don’t Problem – Whale

Wow, what a video, it’s RGM Video premier time again, today we have the amazing video from Don’t problem and the new tune whale. Here is some information from the band. ????

South London-based 8-piece band Don’t Problem is proud to present the official for their latest single ‘Whale’ taken from their upcoming album ‘Liminality’. Don’t Problem music challenges the common perception of a “covers” brass band, exclusively writing original material and adding electronics, synths & strings, a reflection of their wide encompassing interests.

“Whale is a story of the celebration of life and friendship. It is also the story of our affinity with nature and how our spirits go through a spiritual rinse when with the elements. Etzeo sits by the river and enjoys being rested on some grass, feeling the ground and laying back by the river with some daffodils near by. He meets a good friend and the chat, laugh, smoke and set off road there ends.

Heading into town things become more of an adventure and kinda confusing with high buildings and busy streets. They watch the sun go down and chill on the street, drinking and chatting, watching clips on their phones.

The boys decide to escape the city and venue to the seaside at night, they set up on the beach and have a fire. In the morning the dash into the sea and return to their clothes, matching blue garms. Full of nature and free from the city they wander the coastline, walk through the woods that hang over the sea and run through fields laughing and smoking before the evening arrives and they celebrate their lives and nature as fireworks fly with constructed portraits of them with daffodils.”