Video Premiere : Flare – Iggy Storm

It’s video premiere time agin here on RGM this time we have Flare with their new video Iggy Storm, here are a few words about the tune from the band, enjoy!

The song is about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself too and the need to be made to do so. The song is also about a feeling of belonging to a band or something bigger than ourselves. Being fearless and proud of what you’ve done.

The video was made with pieces of our first mini UK tour across Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London you can four head cases doing their stuff basically drunk most of the time in the different scenes. The majority of stage shots was taken at the Night and Day bar in Manchester where Arnaud the guitarist suffered with a lot of fever, he sweats so much that basically kill the germs (that and the gin and tonic I guess) and was basically healed at the end of the show.