Video Premiere : FRAMATICS – Bang Bang

Welcome to a new RGM video premiere, you will have seen us talk about this band a lot recently, its because their new tune is CLASS! We are over the moon to share the video to bang bang too. Here are a few words from the band about the video????

“‘Bang Bang’ holds a special place in our hearts. As a band, it was one of the first songs we wrote, demoed and performed. Self-recording and producing it between lockdowns was a bittersweet process, as on one hand we couldn’t all meet together to work on it, but on the other we were able to invest a lot of time into the development of the song and its creation.

When it came to shooting the video, Coronavirus restrictions meant the option of filming a video of us performing together wasn’t possible. This limitation actually inspired us to get creative, and so our bass player, Liam, shot and edited the video.

To reflect the mood and energy of the song, we decided to film Mads delivering the lyrics in various locations around London. Lighting, location and camera movement were all key to reflecting both the musical and lyrical themes of the song, especially as it builds towards its climatic end.

As the lyrics describe the end of a relationship, we thought it would be best to style the video during said relationship’s demise. To further this theme, the video is edited to resemble being captured on 8mm film, providing not only an element of nostalgia, but stylised visuals that – we feel – compliment the audio.

All things considered, we’re very proud of the end result. We hope you enjoy the official music video for ‘Bang Bang’!”

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