Video Premiere : Hartley – Crimson

We love a brand new video on RGM, today we have a cracking new video to share with you, from Hartley, here are a few words from the band about it.

“Our live video of ‘Crimson’ was created during lockdown, with each of us filming and recording our own parts before I edited it all together.

It was a real challenge to create a music video under those conditions, especially with band members being halfway across the world from each other, but we had loads of fun thinking outside the box and planning it all!

This is our first video, and it’s given us a real taste for it – hopefully, we’ll release another video in the not too distant future (once we can all get into a room together again!)” – Imogen (drummer)

 Singer Alesha: also says “Crimson is about the moment you realise that you have met someone who is everything you ever wanted. It’s that feeling when you know that your desire for them could rip you apart, but you still can’t walk away”.

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