Video Premiere – HumanBien – Got My Heading

????????RGM USA???????? artist HumanBien joins us from Baldwin, NY to showcase his new video to the UK, its a fantastically interesting track that offers something a bit different.

Here are a few words from HumanBien about the video????

“This song was birthed from a desire to the negative inner voice that has been holding me back for years. I just decided I didn’t want to sing of sorrows anymore I wanted to make room for new life and love and experiences to come my way. And the more I hear and sing this song, the more it rings true. It is my desire to share this with a wide audience in hopes that it may help inspire positive change in their lives as it has in mine. The video came together organically, there was a recent snowstorm that had only just begun to fall when my roommate and I decided to go out and catch a take. While walking around we saw a bed abandoned and had the crazy idea to use it not even realizing it was covered in rot, but that played perfectly into the narrative of the video.”

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