Video Premiere: Joshua Zero – Your Eyes are fighting me

It’s RGM Video premier time again, today we have the amazing video your eyes from Joshua Zero. Here is some information from the artist. ????

The video features the band performing the track live from the Kaizen Martial Arts Academy in Staningley, with all of Joshua Zero featuring. It’s a taste of the band’s iconic live performances that’ll leave you wanting to catch them live. Reeling in the afterglow of their Leeds and London headline release shows, the filming also marked the first time the band feature together in a music video. Your Eyes Are Fighting’ is the first single released by Joshua Zero on the 16th of July 2021. the track is coupled up with a music video produced by Goodboy Live Sessions

The song has a seamless push and pull effect, luring the listener in with an anthemic chorus, perfectly tempered with vocal escapades of misspent adolescence and a piercing romance. Much like New York there’s no room to dwell at this speed, ‘Your Eyes Are Fighting Me’ is a toothless smile to the irony of it all’.