Video exclusive: KALA CHNG – The Music

Welcome to a brand new RGM video premiere, today we have Bristol artist KALA CHNG with her new tune The Music!

Here is some interesting information from the artist herself about the song and video. Enjoy ????

“This song is all about two key revelations for me over this period of time and I think perhaps they could resonate with others in different ways. Firstly I had time to fall back in love with songwriting and the creative process and not having to worry if I was say releasing enough or out gigging enough (the expectations can be exhausting) and if I was pushing enough because life had changed over night. I let go of plans and schedules and targets that had for too long consumed my thoughts when working on my art. I think many of us had time this last year to fall back in love with our life’s passions, find the time to be quiet slow and creative, even if our working lives had become more busy and chaotic or uncertain and scary.

Secondly, it was bigger than that. Bigger than just enjoying doing what I love and making time but I had learned to let go. Sometimes we make plans and goals we attach our selves to so tightly we don’t realise how much pressure we out on ourselves and how that affects our wellbeing and our ability to go with life’s flow – in a way that is riding the tide rather than fighting against the current. When we let go of our ego and our own desires and listen to the quiet whispers in the world we can become one with the world and follow the path that’s easy, joyful and makes the world a better place.

I learned to trust that, as my nan used to say, everything happens for a reason. So for me my new song The Music is about allowing time to do what we love (without worrying about success) and going with the flow and trusting our intuition and the messages to us through the way life unfolds (instead of living in fear or worry, attached to a thing that may never happen). It’s about finding joy in the little things and about finding our place in this big wide world.

For the video Matt at perpetual records wanted to do something simple with nature, people and music related footage with me blended in, so I recorded myself on my phone using a fan for some lil fx and sent to him! then he added some stock/library footage and a lot of editing – we worked with what we could do remote and in semi lockdown.”