Video Premiere: Kirsten McKay – Hey

We love a good video premiere here at RGM and we want to show you the new tune from Kirsten.

Here are a few words from her about the video : –

‘Hey!’ Is about trying to fit in but not quite making the mark.  It’s a song for misfits.  It’s about that niggling doubt that you’re not quite being true to yourself whilst trying to impress somebody else. It’s essentially a battle between self-belief vs. self-doubt. 

It’s about pursuing that non existent finish line… There’s a subtle Stevie Wonder reference – can you spot it??

I actually wrote it at a time when Radio 2 wasn’t very ‘cool’ (if it is now? I lose track…) when I’d listen to Sarah Kennedy’s ‘Dawn Patrol’ at 6am????!

Making the vid

A friend from ‘the 90s’ made the vid for me. Literally hadn’t seen him since 1997 (the last time I had a release) but through the powers of bookface saw that he made videos and asked a favour. It was initially a lyric vid but he went above and beyond to create a corker of a no budget, first vid.

It’s great to reconnect with people through my music which is what it is all about for me; connection.