Video Premiere : Late Night Legacy – Sunny When You’re Gone

Welcome to a new RGM video Premiere, we are joined by Leeds band Late night legacy and their cracking new video Sunny When you’re gone. Here is some info form the band on the song and video. ????

Sunny When You’re Gone‘ as a single is nothing like any of our other music out there, It’s chilled out, stripped back, even has some classic piano in it.

For that reason we wanted to release a totally different music video, a totally serene visual to accompany that. 

Unlike any of our previous videos we actually don’t appear in this one, it’s a collaboration with a Russian artist, photographer and film-maker based in Saint Petersburg. With a UK lockdown rendering all myself and Rob’s UK plans for filming and ideas obsolete, we had to think outside the box. CottonBro recorded all the visuals with stunning models, I just put the clips together in an order that made sense or fit the narrative I was aiming for. 

We fell in love with his work as soon as we seen it, every scene just fused together perfectly with the song.

The song itself, although light, pleasant and soft in sound, lyrically it has a particularly harrowing meaning. When writing it I tried to send myself back to a time when nothing in life really made sense, I was a teenager going through some pretty serious stuff. Alot of which I don’t want to get too deep talking about but things that have definitely affected my own mental health and will do for a long time but that’s how I deal with sadness or problems in my life, I use them to write songs then I feel like a sense of closure or release, kind of like it was all worth it in a weird way. Music is therapy, whether that’s listening to it or creating it, Sometimes when I hear a sick guitar part our Robbie Orange has written, it just sends me another place and the words just kind of happen, If he nods approvingly to the melody we just run with it.

Production-wise, we have our man Dan Mizen to thank for transforming this song into something totally new and our amazing  fans for totally funding these next two projects via donations, streams and downloads on our spotify! 

Our new LNL brothers Matt Exton (Drums) and James Clegg (Bass) don’t actually feature on this song or infact the next single ‘Plastic Hearts’ (coming Spring 2021) as they were both recorded by myself and Rob during lockdown but I am so excited to share what we’ve been writing with these boys in 2021, the next few tunes are going to sound HUGE!