Video Premiere: Leeds LELO Premiere Alternative Video To New Single ‘Faceache’

While Leeds-based indie-poppers LELO have been plying their trade for a number of years now, ‘Faceache’ marks the band’s first single since 2019, and what better way to celebrate than releasing not one, but two videos to accompany the track.

In collaboration with the West Yorkshire DIY label collective Learn Fear Records and videographer Alex Kershaw, LELO have created a stunning video to accompany their ethereal new track by using a unique ‘cameraless’ method of production. Scheduled for release on 23rd July 2021, frontman Ronan Peaker explains just how they did it:

“We were interested in making another music video using film, but not doing it in the traditional sense of loading some Super 8 into the camera and running off into the sunshine! We wanted to experiment. So instead of exposing the film through the camera lens, we scratched away at the emulsion layer of some old unused 16mm film, and we painted on the film with some Indian inks. It’s a really messy and time-consuming process that requires patience, a steady hand and not too much coffee!

The scratched and painted rolls of film (50ft in total) were then digitally scanned, and returned to us as Quicktime files to play with and allow Alex to edit the footage to the track. And Voila!”.

The result is a brilliantly understated lyric video that stands head and shoulders above the typical lyric videos that have been knocked out regularly over the last 16 months.

Check it out below: