Video Premiere: Leeds’ Ophelia Drop Video for Soaring Debut Single ‘Japanese Peru’

More and more these days solo and side projects are becoming commonplace. This is no bad thing, both providing artists with an outlet to explore different sounds and genres, while offering fans a further avenue of material to explore from their favourite bands.

Ophelia is just that, the solo project of Leeds-based Talkboy songwriter and guitarist Tim Malkin, and an outlet for the material Malkin thought “it would be weird if anyone else sang”. Indeed, Ophelia is something of a departure from the technicolour indie pop of that band, while retaining the same cinematic air.

This cinematic air is something that carries over into the video, which in turns harbours more than an air of nostalgia, making you pine for places you never knew, and yearn for memories that aren’t yours.

RGM are pleased to be able to give you an exclusive premiere of the video below: