Video Premiere: Luka – Waiting

It’s RGM Video premier time again, today we have the amazing video from Luka and the new video for Waiting. Here is some information from the band. ????

‘Waiting’ is about wasting your time waiting for somebody to love you. You end up missing out on life because you’re so fixated on this one person who doesn’t give you anything back. This is why I chose to use skeletons and a prom theme in the music video. I wanted to show a girl at a prom, trying to get the attention of this lifeless character. 

The last shot of the skeleton in the prom dress shows this idea of wasting your life away, as she waited so long she ended up becoming this lifeless character alongside him. I also just love Tim Burton and general spooky stuff, so thought the idea of a skeleton prom was super fun and cool’.

‘Waiting’ was released on the 14th of May via Monomyth Records and is LUKA’s third single on the Leeds based label.

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