Video Premiere: Meek – Just getting started

Welcome to a brand new RGM video premiere, today we have Hull band Meek with their brand new video for just getting started. Enjoy a few words from the band about the video ????

“It wasn’t intended to be about the second/last chances in life and the drive to take opportunities, but by the last chorus that’s where it ends up! The chorus came from the finger wagging at fighting kids or a partner in an argument, realising how often we throw around second/last chances, the frustration of not being listened to the first time! I did not think as a single mum I’d ever be fronting a band again but this song gave me drive (it’s our favourite live) and it has become about making every second count.

The “take it” was very much about giving the finger… our inner voices/friends pushing us to take that chance and not take any BS. It’s an anthem to anyone that’s lost themselves but particularly new mums to say don’t forget who you were pre-kids… you have an identity outside of motherhood that you shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying!”
Sarah and Jessy made the video, Jessy edited – we could just be big kids and have fun with the details. The bathroom bit (where one of the mums has clearly had too many sweets at the disco) was done by blowing a straw full of crushed cereal and milk, there’s even carrot in there; you’re welcome.

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