Video Premiere : Merrym’n – Statue of Josiah

Welcome to a new RGM Video Premiere, today we are please to share with you the new video from Merrym’n, the Stoke on Trent artist exclusively shares his brand new video for Statue of Josiah.

Here are a few words about the video from Merrym’n ????

“The song started from a moment where I was asked for directions to a place I absolutely knew, but couldn’t name the roads you’d have to take. I instead could describe the monuments and statues you’d pass along the way. Then suddenly, in the news, there was a lot of statue-related talk and the song ended up merging those ideas together. I shot the video myself. I visited my favourite monuments, sculptures, and pieces of public art around my home city (rarely knowing the names of the roads I took to get there). I didn’t particularly pick the most impressive sights, but some of my favourites.”