Video Premiere – Misa Hymn Part 1 + 2

We have a really interesting project to share with you today, it’s from Londons Misa, it comes in 2 parts and I think you will agree is something different, which we love. Enjoy!

Hymn was written as a post card to the world, during this remarkable time in history.
There are only a few times the entire world has been as one, and experienced the same thing simultaneously – the moon landing would be a good example.

Hymn Part I is the entire world speaking with just one voice. “Here We Are – Just Us – As One”

Hymn Part II takes this concept to its natural conclusion, by giving voice to all the inhabitants of the world. Instead of the lone voice in Part I, we hear the voices of all the people living through this pandemic on a daily basis. They are layered over one another, just as we read about them each day in the news. They try to all speak as one, but the lyrics are offset by distance and time zones, so the effect is like a chorus of voices, all saying the same thing.

In fact, the only line where all the vocals meet as one is “Just Run”, which, of course, is the exact thing none of us can do.