Video Premiere : Monitors – The Drill

Welcome to a new RGM video premiere, today we have the rather cool new video from Monitors.

“‘The Drill’ is about mental health and was inspired by August Natterer. In 1907 Natterer, a sane, successful man, had a pivotal hallucination where he saw 10,000 images in 30 minutes. He was committed to an asylum and thereafter believed he was the illegitimate child of Napoleon and ”redeemer of the world”.

The song deals with the instability of the mind, and the power that it has over the body to inspire, enlighten, but potentially, destroy.  We filmed the video ourselves, and it was directed by Anna Khelifa and Emil Balic. We were actually arrested and fined by the French police for climbing on the carousel during filming, so any budget we did have went to the authorities!”

Enjoy ????