Video Premiere: Moonray – Morning Dew

Welcome to a brand new RGM Video Premiere, today we have the fantastic new video from Moonray, we asked the artist for a few words on the new release, enjoy ????

“Morning Dew finalises my debut EP ‘Viriditas’ on a positive, empowering note, it represents the cycles of life; from every dark place, you will always emerge much stronger and back into the light. I really wanted this symbolism in the music video to come across. Morning Dew is an introspective track and is about my connection with spirituality.

The last year has given me a lot of time to read and study philosophy, religion, and history, and participate in rituals connecting with nature and the cycles. I have read a lot about the goddess’ and connected with my routes and ancestors. I briefed a few ideas and visuals with Megan, I wanted to represent the symbolism of nature and highlight the connection and harmony between humans, nature, and technology. I also wanted there to be a drop in the middle as if Moonray was being transported to the ‘Otherworld’ by the roots where she faces her shadow self but emerges much stronger from this dark patch. I had read a lot about letting built-up energies go through crying and using this as a healthy release so I really wanted to show her crying in the video, Megan has done an excellent job of portraying all these symbolisms.

The video was created by using 3D rendering software, we started by designing the character Moonray as she is the face for and represents the music. Once we had a clear idea of what she was going to look like, Megan created Moonray, then built the Morning Dew world around her. The elements of the video scene and Moonray herself, are made up of 3D sculptures, Megan started by modeling the form’s in the 3D software. Then draws the textures out in photoshop, wrapping that image around the forms to give them colour. And this was how Moonray and her world were created.”