Video Premiere: Odd Opal from LA have a cracking new video for Urban Countryside

We have an international flavour to today’s premiere with LA-based band Odd Opal and their new video for Urban Countryside.

Todd Boepple (Odd Opal) tells us about the video and the song here 👇

“It started as a song about my brother and I growing up in the Los Angeles area, and the way we spent our summers exploring the city and using our imaginations. After the song was finished, I realized it was a song about childhood, friendship, and escapism.

The idea that as kids, our futures are generally abstract and fuzzy, so we tend to focus on the present, and what a gift that is (even though we don’t realize it at the time). The escapism part comes from wanting to explore the world outside your parents’ home, away from their rules or gaze. (I feel anyone who grew up in a home that felt in any way constricting or overbearing can identify with this.)I wrote, performed, and produced the song at home; it was mastered by David Feeny at Tempermill Studio.

A close friend of mine, Anders Warming, offered to make the video for me. When I first sent him the song, he happened to be on a rooftop overlooking Paris, and so my song became the soundtrack for that moment and made a big impression on him. In the video, he incorporated video from cities all around the world in a beautiful collage (including Denmark, Holland, China, and the US), while adding his own hand drawn sketches over the top. I love how dreamy and interpretive it is. There’s a childlike quality to the sketches that I appreciate, and feel it’s appropriate for the song.”

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