Video Premiere : Pink Mirrors – Let Go

Its Video Premiere time with a band we are covering a lot at the minute, Pink Mirrors have just released their brand new video Let Go, here is some interesting info on the band.

Now back together after months of quarantine, they let us into their studio life through live sessions, before releasing this next single. Hoping to gig again soon, they tease a raw live sound in this release.

The introspective message of this song reflects the current experiences of our generation; peeking into themes of mental health and breaking down barriers within social expectations of masculinity, all whilst hinting at the prospect of self-realisation. 

To help promote this single, they’ve filmed a live action music video to accompany this song. The video explores schizophrenia, substance-abuse-induced insomnia, all whilst hinting at the prospect of self realisation.

Stream / Download HERE

Also available on RGM, our interview with the band ????