Video Premiere + Review : Will Wallace ft. Rachelle Rhienne – Green Light

Taking on the world of pop and delving into EDM textures, Will Wallace releases his debut single, a remixed take of Rachelle Rhienne ‘Green Light’.

Accompanied by glossy synth chords, Rhienne neat and poppy vocals lead the track’s introduction. Growing in texture with on-the-beat clicks and ticking, the foreseeable build-up looms with an anticipated air.

The pre-chorus uses condensed synths behind the lyrics, “you’ve got me running faster than I’ve ever been, you’ve got me seeing things now that I’ve never seen, you got me, you got me going all night, you got it, you got it, you got the green light”, which are then repeated over a fuller soundscape of harsh drum pads and typical brassy EDM styled synths.

The climax of the build-up makes way for the chorus, which is slightly underwhelming. It’s initial impact is big yet predictable, but its flashy panned synths and chopped, staggered vocals lose their impact after just being repeated again. If instead of repeating the section over again and adding something different in the latter half of the chorus, it may have held its impact a little more effectively.

The rest of the track follows suit and travels in a similar direction and structure, staying well within the boundaries of safe dance pop. The track itself feels very tidy and polished, which when paired with Rhienne impressive vocal inflections and commanding stance, creates a clean and aesthetic sound.

It would have been interesting to hear something more unique within the production, however. The textures and build-ups used in the music stay within the more typical realms of pop and EDM, resulting in the track’s direction becoming quite predictable. There is nothing inherently unlikeable about the track, but the boundaries haven’t been pushed wide enough for it to shine brightly above the crowded world of dance-pop.