Video Premiere : Ruiz! – Please Baby Please

Merry xmas folks and its a big day for you all I know, its also a really big day for Ruiz. A xmas debut of his new video, Please Baby Please.

Here are a few words from the artist about the video and how it came about????

“The song draws inspiration from bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees (the first band I ever saw live!), post-punk inspirationalists and from the likes of Adam and the Ants. I would say mostly though from the amazing work of Matt Johnson and his The The project.

I was experimenting with sounds and came up with the eery guitar sound that repeats throughout Please Baby Please. The rest seemed to just follow really quickly and the song took shape over a few hours one evening during lockdown 1. The words wrote themselves, inspired by nature and the turn of the seasons. The chorus adding to the suspense created by the music, is about literally being under somebody else’s power, caught up in such emotional and strong feelings, you’re left unable to function, crushed. Having your heart broken and not understanding how you ended up in that situation can do that to you. I know it’s all part of life’s rich tapastry but sometimes we end up on a very unforgiving journey.

About the video – words by Tony Fitzgerald, the video designer. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in a Ruiz! Soundscape…Taking inspiration from the brooding suspense of ‘please baby please’, the video teeters between the reality of mass culture and the dreams of pop-art escapism. Is the floating man Ruiz himself? Where do we begin? Life is just a ride, do you get onboard the endless journey of the urban ghost train or give in to the weightlessness and freedom of the free-fall. Ruiz will be your guide…’”