Video Premiere : Salvador Mundi – Trouble in Paradise

Welcome to a new video premiere from Salvador Mundi with their psychedelic new video for Trouble In Paradise, here are a few words about the video from the band????

“The song explores the idea of being lost in a dystopian desert on the edge of civilisation, and attempting to break free towards the heavens. In the video, we referenced particularly poignant lyrical lines and tried to replicate them in the visual sense, through the medium of collage. Each ‘slide’ was hand cut and made from a mixture of vintage 60s colour magazines and modern free newspaper supplements.  Part of the dystopian theme of the video in the sense that we live in a reality bombarded with advertisements at the expense of human contact.  We also like the idea of mixing the old with the new, this I think, is reflected in our approach to making music too. We’re unsigned, this is our first release and we have no budget whatsoever- but that doesn’t mean that we cannot make interesting art, in fact, great art is often achieved by using what limited resources are available, and sometimes it can be better than throwing a load of money at something. “