Video Premiere : Scarlet – Friends

Welcome to the Video Premiere of Scarlets brand new video, friends.

Here are a few words from Jessie telling us about the song :-

“Friends is about the overwhelming feeling of isolation, loneliness and frustration. Feeling like you’re not being recognised and like you’re desperately by yourself. We wanted to put the song out now because we feel like everyone will be able to resonate with these feelings right now in lockdown.

It was a total coincidence we had written this heavily focussing in loneliness and it be ready at a collectively difficult time for everybody.

We’re all enforcing this lockdown on ourselves for the greater good, to stay at home and save lives – this can be so lonely for people, and we want to make people feel like they’re doing the right thing and that even though it feels lonely – they aren’t alone at all. We’re all standing together through this.”

The making of the video magnified this entire concept. We decided with the pandemic happening, we would create our own video which our awesome drummer Cai agreed to piece together. I came up with the idea of asking our professional friends to be involved. I asked hundreds of bands we love and have played with to record themselves miming with a message of support about loneliness or to spread the word of the NHS campaign ‘stay home save lives‘ (because the isolation of this is triggering those lonely feelings in many people, were all fighting our own battle with loneliness right now)

Many bands said no or just didn’t reply, they must of thought I was a total dweeb with a rubbish idea. And then people started to agree and send in videos of themselves. I cried at every single video clip. I had been through that exact same process that the song was originally written about AGAIN.

I’m so proud of the song and the video.
I’m so proud of my band and all the bands that are involved.
I’m so proud of all of our fans and colleagues.
We’re all coping with this madness in the best way we can and I personally feel more connected to humans than I’ve ever felt through this process.”

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