It’s RGM Premiere time and we have one of our favourite bands, Scarlet, hard working, passionate, talented, friendly are all words you can say about this lot and we salute them!

Here is some words from the band as they talk us through how the song came about and the video happened.

Jessie – We recorded the song at Bear Skull Studios in Barnsley which is the furthest we have ventured to do a recording yet.

We went there after having Tom Prendergast and Ari Rannus reccomended to us by our amazing friends and team mates at Kycker Music, Frank Wilkes and Barry Whittaker-Gilbey.

We stayed there for a few days and the team just worked so well together!

Tom and Ari are spectacular producers and we’ve continued to work with them – they produced both our last singles ‘Bring me down’ and ‘Friends’

Adam – Yeah we really got on well with the lads we recorded with (Tom and Ari) which always makes the recording process much more interesting!

Laura – I liked how concise it was with the recording studio- Managing to get 3 songs done in 3 days was great. The atmosphere was super relaxed and enthusiastic, so it was a nice experience without pressure.

Cai – An interesting thing about recording in Barnsley for me, was gambling on not having to take as much gear by playing and recording on this really interesting clear, see through custom made acrylic drum kit, that I had never played or heard before and I loved it! 

Jessie – After we had recorded and mixed the track we had post production mix done by my friend Chris Southward who I went to school and was in my first orchestra at the age of 13! And he added a hugely alternative take to the song – he saw it as having ‘TaTu’ vibes and added in some amazing wooshes and wurrrrs and together along with the work Tom and Ari had done, glossed the song up to a standard we weren’t expecting at our DIY level. Strangely that ‘TaTu’ vibe in my opinion transferred through into the music video too which was made by an amazing team run by Arlen Coupland in Poland called Osomly. Frank Duffy, Aga Ejsmont, Michal Kozba, Oliwia Chiliñska, and Krystian Seredynski created this video and spent endless hours in minus-degree temperatures in Poland, curated all of the filming locations, and mustered up so much local support in the village of Letnica / Zielona Gora. We’re forever grateful to them for their hard work and belief in us as a band.

Cai – An interesting thing about the video is that to me… it was almost a total surprise what we were going to get, I had no idea untill it arrived in full finished form what this video was and as it turned out, its ace!

Adam – The video is so cool, the Osomly team who worked on it did an amazing job, it was nice to have other people create their visual perception of the song and they smashed it.

Laura – I love how dark and dramatic the video is- it fits with the song perfectly. It’s interestingly shot. It looks visually appealing!

Jessie – they even got a custom Marrionette puppet made for us by an incredible puppeteer called Artur Endler, which was not only featured in the video as a visual representation of control, but became our single artwork too, which was created by the brilliant Emma (Pixie) Prendergast who is also Barnsley based. 

Cai – About the song its self though… I would have to say when we walked into the studio we had kind of an idea how this song was going to work. And by the time we left, it was an entirely different beast.

Adam – We had most of the parts written way before we recorded the song. It was really good being able to add different layers when we finally got into the studio to really bring it to life and help it develop

Laura – It’s interesting that the song developed outside the studio remotely while in lockdown too. We recorded the main parts, then went on the develop them with Chris. He did an amazing job. Considering he had 4 people emailing him at the same time. We’ve come out of it loving the track! It’s very different to what we’ve done before, but the new sound showcases all of our personalities and you can hear that, which is great!

Jessie – For me, everyone involved in the creation of this record, donated their time and skills to help us achieve, in my opinion, a professional industry quality sound and direction that we have been aiming for for the last seven years and we’re very proud, grateful and thankful to everyone for helping us achieve this and for believing in us enough to make us feel like we have the perfect team on the go right now. I am proud to have this amazingly talented group of people that want to work on our music with us. You can’t ask for more than that can you.