Video Premiere : Slow Walk – Hangman

Welcome to a brand new RGM premiere, today we are going by soloist Slow walk with his journey through his excellent new video Hangman. Here are. a few words from Slow walk himself ????

“Hangman takes us on a journey through the Wild Wild Web, a world where an unsubstantiated rumour, a misinterpreted comment or an unpopular opinion can get you instantly hanged. 

In the video, which was made by myself and the awesome Space Face Films, a stickman escapes a game of Hangman and is pursued across a fake internet by online trolls and an emoji mob and it takes aim at online bullying and frontier justice and pokes fun at current internet trends. 

I came up with the concept of both the song and video after witnessing several cases of online witch hunts, trolling and bullying and though the song is satirical and humorous, it tackles quite an important and serious subject. 

I think this is a message a lot of people can get behind, so please help Stickman escape the noose.”