Video Premiere – Stepford Wives

Its video premiere time here on RGM we have something exciting for you today, a great band with a great video

Here are a few words from the bad πŸ‘‡

All On Me came about as a garage riff that had a sort of dirty Stooges/Strokes feel. We had worked it up in our little rehearsal space and thought it sounded really pokey.

At the same Niklos was writing some words about how he and others had experienced that doom-laden moment when the walls are closing in – and there seems like no way out from whatever your circumstances are – that could be relationships, college exams,  financial pressures, drugs/alcohol issues, the job you hate etc.. At times all these things can cause you to scrape away at the insides of your skull with a mental chisel and contemplate whether it is really worth waking up in the morning, or drowning in β€˜a sea of fools’.

The words just sort of merged with the riffs to create what it is – a scabby little look inside a person’s head who at that moment can’t cope with the feeling of it being ’all on me’.

Nidge Sanders (Trust a Fox) shot the video in our rehearsal space to capture the rawness of the performance – with a view to matching it up with the harsh realities of life presented in the lyrics. Both the lyrics and the performance are integral elements to make the song’s message valid.

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