Video Premiere + Review : Strange Eyes – Close

It’s time for a brand new Video RGM Premiere, We love this from Strange Eyes.

Fun fact : Joe Watkins, Director of the music video was inspired by a Dario Argento horror film.


Immediately pounding forward with great pace, and groovy rhythm, Strange Eyes third single Close is as entrancing as it is disturbing. 

A powerful thumping synth pop track that has an infectious beat that pulls one deep into the sound with its pulsing sound that carries an air of violence. The deep, powerful vibe that carries the main grooving vibe as it beats and pounds heavily in the ears is one that is as entrancing and hypnotic as it is a little uncanny. 

With a disturbing lyrical matter that concerns the very taboo topic of violence and assault, detailing how the singer loves it when they “fight back”, and how “You want screamin’ I’ll show you screamin”. Coming from a female artist, it throws a surprise spin on the subject that can be interpreted in various ways.

Given how entrancing the grooving synth sounds with it’s fun feel, it’s easy to overlook the very dark overtones held in the lyrical content. 

Thankfully Close never falls over into explicit territory and leaves the matter down to personal opinion. 

Given the use of a variety of different sounds, that forever evolve as the track progresses. There’s a feeling of shapelessness and minimalism with the sound, with very little sound injected in alongside the drum machine and synth effects. It lends a raw taste to the sound, distilling the song to a small affair with the power of a whole band behind it. Close is another knock out punch for Strange Eyes, following on from Black Heart and Jupiter in spectacular fashion.