Video Premiere : Sweethearts – Do you love me?

We have a belter of a video for you today folks, Hulls finest, Sweethearts share their brand new video Do you love me?

Here are a few words from the band on the song and how the video was made.

The song “This song is the debut single from our 90s influenced band sweethearts. It was written two days before we were about to go into the studio to record a different song. But at band practise that night we felt like we had a single. So, we decided to spend the rest of the night rehearsing this song and then went into the studio two days later to record it. Our aim was to create the perfect mix of poppy and edgy, something that catches your ear but also has emotion.”

The video “Well, because of covid we had to cancel our original plans for a different music video we had in mind. I had recently bought a 90s VHS camera so me and josh decided we’d go to a cool, retro-looking laundrette where we also did our promo shots with Stewart Baxter and film a bunch of things. We spent a day filming, then I spent the night editing the video and mixing in other recent shots of the band id taken. Our whole style in very DIY and that’s how we wanted it to look.”