Video Premiere – The Last Clouds – The last of the light

Cheshire band The Last Clouds are hear to spread a weather superb festive new song, enjoy the premiere here on RGM

Here is some info on the video from the band.????

‘The last of the light’ started life last November as an acoustic song called “Christmas card’ which I sent out to friends and family (that version is included on the CD edition for prosperity) this year we are sending it out to the world as more than ever I think the we all need reminding of those moments that make life magical. 

We have been flooding social media with the tag-line ‘on 24th November The Last Clouds invite you to fall in love with life again’ because I think that sums up this song perfectly. 

This year has been a nightmare, there were moments that Christmas seemed like it belonged to another world that was completely alien to this dark grey reality as each day the government announced the latest infection rates, R-value and souls lost. 

But we’re here, I’m writing this (after surviving a nasty bout of Covid that put me on my ass) you’re reading this (hopefully well also) … and Christmas is just around the corner, so let’s just fucking ‘ave it J

???? Credit – Paul Husband.

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