Video Premiere : The Moods – The Rise and Fall of America

Mancunian 9-piece party band The Moods are borne out of a celebration of their home city’s musical heritage. But it’s not what you think; Whilst the majority of Mancunian bands are jangly, guitar-based indie bands, The Moods definitely are not. Instead they celebrate the city’s rich heritage in dance music. For a city who brought House music to the UK, this is surprisingly something of a rarity.

Inspired by nights out raving to DJs who played old-school House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Jungle they noticed a distinct lack of bands who delved into these genres. This led to a collection of unlikely accomplices to join forces. Classically trained musicians, council estate rappers and bedroom producers all aligned to bring these typically DJ dominated genres to the live stage.

On paper this should never work. Two live drummers, a violinist and a trumpet player join bass and synths to produce an unusual line up of musicians. Throw a poet, a singer and a rapper into the equation and the result is as enthralling as it is unorthodox. The Moods live shows have built something of a reputation for being one of the most energetic on the circuit and once you see them live, you will understand how easy it is to get swept away in the raucous atmosphere that they create.

The Video Was directed by Croftwerk Video (Chris Croft ) and organised and released through A1M records 
The Story Behind The Video – “The rise and fall of America. A bullet spangled banner on the grave. The rise and fall of America. Home of the bullets & the gun & the land of the crazed ”  We wrote this as a play on words of the American national anthem. It seems the main export of the USA these days is weapons and war. We also have a nice twist on the constitution, amendments and the right to arm bears, as bears are dangerous enough without guns. As always we aim to make the listener question and think about what’s happening in today’s western civilisation. Spearheaded by the mighty dollar. 

Lyrics tell the story of The Current State of The USA and how it faces its biggest challenge possibly in its history to date.