Video Premiere : The Roov – Boys

Its time for a new RGM video premiere, here a few words from The Roov about it:-

We recorded “Boys” in November 2019. We rented out a mansion just outside Dundee when we were in Magic Box studio that week and we got to work on the songs there. It overlooked the river and there was a tiger skin rug on the floor beneath the fireplace and heaps of wine –  it was needlessly self indulgent and we got some good songs out of it.

A total contrast to the last time we rented a place for recording which wasn’t far off an abode from trainspotting. Big shout out to Scotty Anderson who has produced all our records so far. We wanted to write a song that had a really simple but infectious riff. The riff is made up of two chords which when Frankie (guitars), Jordan (bass) and Myself play together really packs a punch. Not to mention Matthew’s (drums) uplifting beat supporting it. The song deals with a relationship being fucked both ways. When you were together it didn’t work and after it diminished and you went your separate ways you couldn’t stand seeing them with other partners. 

When it came to recording the video, again we turned to a Dundonian wizard also of Magic Box  – Troy Nelson. He’s brilliant at what he does. So the original plan was to film the video in Aberdeen but when the lockdown was introduced we had to go back to the drawing board. We could either postpone the single release altogether or come up with an alternative. Keen to get the song out ASAP we left it in the capable hands of Troy. He came up with the group chat concept of planning the video as the song went ahead so you can get the idea of what the video should have been. We all loved it.

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