Video Premiere: The Very Reverend – HolyGhost

It’s RGM Video premier time again, today we have the amazing video from Sacramento, CA band The Very Reverend and the new video for Holyghost. What a video and tune this is!

Here is some information from the band. ????

This song is a callout of the ways we hide our true selves to please others, and how we so often self-medicate to cope with the inner demons we create when we do that. I wanted to write + direct my own video that’s more like a horror film to symbolize these themes, to pay homage to my favorite horror films and make a bloody mess. ‘Let’s cover this priest character in fake blood and make him a literal demon, like an unholy Patrick Bateman’ kind of thing. It’s also a statement on organized religion and its hypocrisy, letting people control you and change you, all of the stuff I’m railing against in the song.