Video Premiere: We Exclusively Premiere the New Single From Breeze – ‘Eyes Wide Open’

It goes without saying that indie rock from the north is hard to measure up to, and it’s something that Hull four-piece BREEZE know all too well. Having been turning heads both across their native Yorkshire and beyond, even before last year’s debut single ‘Touch the Sky’. This is thanks in part to their own brand of explosive indie rock, and for the impressive fact the average age of the band is just 17!

‘Eyes Wide Open’ is the band’s second single, and picks up the same optimistic and uplifting thread as their debut. Harbouring plenty of brit-pop influence and sounding not dissimilar to indie rockers Tribes, it’s three and half minutes of classic jangly indie and just another example as to why BREEZE are worth getting excited about.

“Albert wrote the tune back in July 2020, and effectively the song is about a heartbreak but produces this uplifting, feel-good vibe,” the band explain. “We thought it would be a good idea, after already doing 3 days of recording and driving back to hull every night, why don’t we stay over? Dec’s got an uncle and we can camp out there. He’s had a bar installed in the garden all on pumps! Well three lads and a free pub doesn’t mix well. We got to studio next day ready to record guitars and vocals for Eyes Wide Open hungover, dehydrated and looking like absolute shit to be fair though probably helped give the track that moody lazy vibe!”

It might well have been recorded rough, but ‘Eyes Wide Open’ feels the exact opposite, a snapshot of hazy heartbreak seen through the reddened, bleary and yet open eyes of a teenager, it’s the sound of a band who are ready to take the next step forward.

RGM are pleased to exclusively premiere the track below: