It’s another RGM video premiere, today we have the new video from RUIZ! and their new video One Rule. 

A few words from the artist, enjoy! 👇

“The video was made by Tony Fitzgerald. I told him the song was about how governments, filled with their own interests and narcissistic tendencies, have ruined countries. One Rule was primarily based on my anger at Boris Johnson, and how he’s managed to break all the rules he set up during the pandemic with parties and and all the other of his own rules he broke. How people lost family members to Covid and they died alone without visitors being allowed.

Brexit, and the blatant lies he’s told throughout his whole career. Why people voted this cretin of a man into power is beyond me. But it’s also about the world beyond our shores. It’s about internationally how fascism still exists. The Catalan referendum being made illegal denying freedom of speech and the police brutality that followed. Trump in general and his Making America Great Again. The attack on Capital Hill that he instigated and still denies. Democracy and Human Rights being negated throughout the world, hence the Tiananmen Square Tank Man sequence, it goes on and on. The Miners Strike and the fall out of the Thatcher government… I could go on.

This song is my protest song.  There seems to be one rule for us, and non for them.”