Video Premiere: We Premiere the new Video from Noise Blossom – SAD

We have a band from across San Diego today, we welcome USA band Noise Blossom with their ace new video for SAD, here is some info on the tune from the band 👇

“SAD was a real breakthrough song for the band when we first wrote it. It has this slow, ballad-like feel, but it is still heavy. I think all of us in the band felt that it was something unique. It’s a band favorite. SAD features a powerful drum solo by John Kerhulas, a ripping guitar solo by Travis Velasquez, and powerful vocals by Michael Mullens.

“We shot and edited the video ourselves in Michael’s apartment. The song’s lyrics talk about fading to black and sinking beneath the ground, so we thought it would be cool to incorporate that into the music video as if everything was being consumed by this undefined black space around it.”

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